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Dec 1, 2012 4:30pm EST
that i will start with an opening statement, provide some background, and will yield to mr. cummings this morning, and other members who wish to be heard, then we'll turn to our witnesses. we'll hear from all of them and then go to questions. pleased to welcome, again, everyone this morning. now, this is one of a number, we have actually held fourth in a series of full committee oversight hearings on amtrak and u.s. passenger rail policy in the united states. we actually have two more scheduled. one will be on thursday, december 3, and that will focus on high speed and inner city passenger rail grant program. and then we'll have the final hearing on this important subject. thursday, the 13th of december, and that will be on the northeast corridor. ironically yesterday i was back in new york city actually looking at some of the flood and storm damage. many of the transportation infrastructure facilities were adversely impacted, huge amount of damage. they have incredible new york city is resilient, and how well they are coming back. i think they got about 95% of their transit operations, r
Dec 19, 2012 1:00pm EST
speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from maryland is recognized for five minutes. mr. cummings: thank you, mr. speaker. i would like to thank the gentleman for yielding. i rise in support of the hatch act modernization act. senator akaka and i introduced this legislation, along with app number of our distinguished -- with a number of our distinguished colleagues on each side of the aisle. it incorporates recommendations for reform that the special counsel carolyn lerner sent to congress last year. i want to thank senator akaka not only for his work on this bill but for everything he's done for federal workers. i also take a moment to thank my good friend, representative jason chaffetz. the chairman of the national security subcommittee for his very hard work in support of this legislation as well as chairman issa for helping to bring this bill to the floor today. this legislation makes commonsense reforms to the hatch act that are much needed. the hatch act was passed to ensure that federal government employees work on behalf of the american people rather than whatever political party
Dec 20, 2012 10:00am EST
does the gentleman from maryland seek recognition? mr. cummings: to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: does the gentleman ask for unanimous consent? mr. cummings: yes. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered. mr. cummings: thank you very much. today i'm incredibly pleased to congratulate my dear colleague for her aessential to the chair of the senate appropriations committee. the senator's commitment to our great state is undeniable. she has worked tirelessly throughout her prestigious career to serve her fellow marylanders first as a social worker and now as one of the most influential members of the united states senate. the senator is a leader that maryland and truly our nation can be proud of. she was the first woman elected to the senate who was not preceded by her husband or father and has continued breaking barriers ever since. this trend continued yesterday when she became the very first female senator in the history of our nation to become the chair of a powerful appropriations committee. i'm honored and proud to serve alongside
Dec 14, 2012 6:00am EST
winning. >> mr. cummings was talking about kids in his district in all four areas, many were low-income, can't afford to go to an nfl game but they're aware of nfl players as role models and they are taking drugs. the rest of us, just so you know, don't do it but as role models do it they officiate told point. >> i believe so. >> the title of this hearing is hgh testing in the nfl, is the science ready? i am glad we're having a hearing. linn goldberg, is the science ritter? >> that is up to dr. bowers, the validity of the test. we lookit the sensitivity and specificity of testing, this is a test the way mary describes it, more like testing for alcohol. it could be very difficult to find positive tests and when you find a positive test it is probably a true positive. to test what is important. if it is to weed out all users, cycling on and off, half of the time when you test you are not going to find it because if you are testing how frequently you are testing will determine whether you're going to pick up anybody or very few people. if an athlete feels it enhances their performan
Dec 11, 2012 9:00am EST
. >> recognize mr. cummings. >> thank you very much, mr. chairman. i want to thank all of you for your testimony. mr. hamberger, i want to talk a little bit about amtrak to quit a very lengthy hearing a few days ago, concerning amtrak. >> yes, sir. >> some in congress have proposed mandating that since auction off amtrak's long distance and state-supported was to the lower private bidder, although amtrak could compete for the service. it is unlikely amtrak would be the lowest bidder since it provides good wages and benefits to its workers. what's your position on that type of proposal? >> the association has long held the position that there should be one operator of intercity passenger rail, added that operators should be amtrak. there's a number of reasons for that, and you will be surprised that we start with safety. amtrak has the same safety culture that the freight railroads have. we operate in many cases at the same safety standards. we have had 40 plus years of operating with amtrak, and we are convinced that they are dedicated to safety as we are. second really is security. am
Dec 12, 2012 8:00pm EST
about winning. >> yeah. yeah, because, you know, mr. cummings talked about kids in his district, in the baltimore area, many low income, can't afford to ever go to an nfl game, but they are aware of nfl players as role models, and if they are taking drugs, you know, the rest can say until we're blue in the face, no, stay cleent, don't do it, but if their role models are doing it, did destroys the whole point. >> i believe so. >> the title of the hearing is "hgh testing in the nfl: is the science ready?" i'm glad we're having a hearing that empowers science. dr. goldberg, is the science ready? >> well, that's really up to doctor bowers and the validity of the test. i mean, we look at the sensitivity and specificity of testing, and this is a test, the way larry describes it, it more like testing for alcohol. it's difficult to find positive tests, but when you find a positive test, it's probably a true positive so that's what is important. if it's to weed out all users because it's cycled on and off, much like anabolic steroids are, half the time when you test, you're not going to find
Dec 18, 2012 6:00am EST
colleague, mr. cummings, the states cannot afford this. we don't have the money. so the mta is open to partnerships as long as unions and worker rights are protected and all the rights that have put if place for the protection of workers, the environment, pension and other rights. investing now in world class high-speed rail would pack a double punch. it would create high-paying jobs and spur economic development trout the program. -- throughout the program. we are wrong overdue for high-speed rail, and it's time to put this country on the right track. i thank the committee for drawing attention to the importance of high-speed rail, and i look forward to the day when high-speed passenger rail is operating in the northeast corridor. in closing, mr. chairman and ranking member, if we really support high-speed rail, then projects that we fund have to be successful, and they have to have profitable. right now the northeast corridor is profitable. it is the only corridor that is profitable in the whole nation. so investing in high-speed rail now would boom. my colleague, congress wan capuan
Dec 16, 2012 1:00am EST
use them. >> mr. gimbel. >> thank you for inviting us, congressman cummings. my name is mike gimbel. we have been around five years. i come from a different place today. i am also a recovering addict, a clean 40 years. i am also a competitive marathon runner. i work with kids every day. i love sports, i love working with kids, and i hate what drugs are doing to these kids. we are addicted. we have an addiction to winning. winning at all costs. the kids their work with tell me they will do anything to win. that means playing injured, a cheat, and taking drugs because the addiction is to win. we have an obsession in our nation to win. the children are starting at an early age following the same pattern of addiction the sea with other drugs. we have 910 year olds better drinking energy drinks to get an edge. " for 13 spending thousands of dollars on unregulated supplements, muscle supplements, diet supplements to get bigger and stronger and faster and then when they get to high school where winning is really important, they go to the hard stuff. that is when they start looking for anab
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8